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Zen Spa Therapies backed by Government

A major government report has found the therapies offered by Zen Ten Spa will improve the health of the nation and save the NHS from financial crisis.

The latest findings of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Integrated Healthcare (PGIH) highlight the increasing number of people suffering from long-term illness and the significant threat this poses to the future sustainability of the NHS.

The research details the growing number of patients with multiple health issues being prescribed a variety of expensive and often conflicting medications and invasive procedures. A more beneficial appraoch would be the introduction of supportive therapies, such as those offered by Zen Ten Spa, to relieve pain, stress and develop a holistic approach to wellbeing and lifestyle choices.

PGIH draws attention to the significant impact complementary therapies can have on health and how this in turn will reap economic benefits by reducing drug bills and surgery costs. The report strongly recommends complementary therapy services, such as Zen Ten Spa’s world first mobile therapy suite, to work in tandem with conventional medicine to relieve symptoms and improve health, easing the burden on the NHS .

David Tredinnick MP, Chair of the PGIH, states that the current approach being taken by the government is unsustainable for the long-term future of the country.

Zen Ten Spa offers a range of expert therapies tailored to specific sections of the community including pregnant and new mothers, the elderly and specialist care home residents, sports clubs and the crucial corporate support of wellbeing at work for staff . Our guarantees therapeutic relief for each groups’ unique needs delivered on location at your home, office, club or care facility . The unique travelling spa concept also avoids the time and expense of patient travel, whilst providing the stress relief of a relaxing environment rather than treatment within the home or office with its distractions.

This groundbreaking report highights the latest thinking in health management . Ensure your organisation, network or family benefits. Book therapies and wellbeing support sessions with Zen Ten Spa so that you and your organisation profit from improved health and fitness as well as the corporate and personal gains with the reduction in sick leave and reduced performance through stress.

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