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Spa Therapy for Teachers

Surveys suggest teaching professionals fall prey to infection and illness during a staggering 40% of their scheduled time off!

Do the stress chemicals generated during the fight or flight overload of term-time reduce immunity? Or does the accumulation of pupil and colleague germs finally overwhelm the system the first time it gets to relax? There haven’t been any scientific studies to establish why this frustrating phenomenon besets teachers.

There is, however, plenty of scientific evidence to prove how beneficial a visit from Zen Ten Spa will be to boost the rest and relaxation of staff in school holidays.

Massage stimulates the vegus nerve boosting the parasympathetic nervous system which slows breathing and lowers heart rate creating that blissed out state of relaxation.

Reiki boosts the immune system and promotes longer deeper sleep.

Reflexology delivers a full body MOT for internal organs in the guise of a relaxing foot massage.

Taking specific steps to book time out to heal aches and pains and release feel good hormones through easing muscles and joints signals to the subconscious an absence of stress rebooting the system.

The evidence is clear teachers- schedule a Zen Ten Spa visit into your school holiday timetable. 10/10 Body & Soul . Book Now 07709101010

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