Nutrition Analysis


Your Recipe for Health

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Pinpointing Deficiencies

Your personally tailored nutritional analysis consulation gathers data on your diet and it’s effect on physical and mental wellbeing analysing timings content and frequency of your food, drink and supplements intake. You will also complete a specialist lifestyle and mood questionnaire to uncover the life impacts your diet may cause. Revealing:

  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Mineral Requirements
  • Your Dietary Clock
  • Enzyme Balance
  • Solid/Liquid Ratio
  • Red Flag Foods
japanese small bowls

Dietary Dowsing

Our bodies create their own energetic field. Pulses from this can be picked up by specialist dowsing. Interpretting these energetic signals highlights imbalances in key nutrients. Discovers:

  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Presence of Trace Elements
  • Toxin Levels
  • Mineral Requirements

Specialist Nutritional Profiling for Deficiencies, Allergies & Optimal Diet

Feeling bloated? Lethargic? Suffering digestive problems?

Or just want to kick-start a cleaner , healthier way of life?

Our food intake fuels our physical and mental health and imbalances can drag our bodies and minds out of alignment.

Ensure you’re nourishing your health with a diet that meets your unique needs.

Our in-depth assessment of every facet of your in-take reveals the perfect recipe for your top physical and mental wellbeing.

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