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Spa Therapy Expert Tips for Cold Hands and Feet?

If you or someone you know suffers the pain of cold hands or feet, here are the health hacks to reverse the problem.


Icy extremities which don’t warm when upgrading to thicker socks or gloves are a tell-tale sign of internal problems. Provided our hands and feet are insulated against the cold our bodies should generate the heat to keep all limbs at a comfortable temperature. System deterioration causes these symptoms which is why the elderly so often suffer with cold hands and feet. The good news is: there are some simple health hacks which can help the glow of warmth spread back.


As we enter cold avoidance winter hibernation we often turn in to couch potatoes and rarely venture out. This means we are reducing our opportunities for exercise which boosts the metabolism firing our body’s “boiler” and enabling us to maintain a comfortable body temperature whatever the weather. Those who are able should build brisk walks back into their activity even if its only choosing distant parking spaces and dashing from the car or opting to take the stairs. The elderly or those with mobility issues can still increase metabolism by doing regular chair-based exercises such as yoga stretches and movement to music. Increasing the metabolism in this way will enable the body to generate cold banishing internal warmth.


Once an active metabolism has generated heat, it is circulated around the body by the blood. Poor circulation can prevent the blood reaching extremities such as the fingers and toes which is why these can feel the cold more quickly and painfully. Certain health conditions can narrow arteries and even shut down capillaries which are the smallest blood carrying canals feeding the tips of hands and feet. Cholesterol is the best known clogger, you may wish to get your cholesterol checked and cut down on dairy products and other high cholesterol foods. Smoking also prevents the healthy functioning of blood circulation.

Sometimes there is nothing physically wrong with the circulatory system, but it just needs kick starting with the aid of movements. An excellent way to improve circulation to the feet, which can also be achieved sitting down, is the “Ankle Alphabet . Imagining your big toe is a marker pen and extending your foot to draw imaginary letters in the air and achieving the whole alphabet with each foot is an excellent way to exercise your feet and ankles, increasing the blood supply to that area boosting circulation and warmth. Similarly “Flamenco Wrists” the repeated circular movement of the wrists , hands and lower arms will increase bloodflow and prevent cold hands and fingers.


The perfect way to stimulate “fascia” which is the layer below our skin carrying blood vessels and to  improve circulation is by massage. Zen Ten Spa provides specialist muscle toning and circulation boosting massage enriched with therapeutic aromatherapy oils to combat chronic cold in hands and feet. The amateur approach of rubbing hands and feet quickly will also offer temporary relief. For appointments and advice session bookings Call us on 07709 101010.

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