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Winter Care for Feet – 3 Top Tips

Are you guilty of neglecting your feet in winter? Are frozen toes the only reason you remember they exist? Just because they’re not on show in sandals doesn’t mean we can ignore them. In fact winter poses particular problems which make foot care all the more important.


Here are 3 top tips to ensure your feet survive their hibernation to thrive this summer:


  • Take-off tights

Man-made fibres are the enemy of healthy feet and yet most socks and tights contain some if not all synthetic fibres. After all its why American’s call them nylons. But burying our feet in layers of non-breathable fabric creates the warm damp atmosphere in which infections such as athletes foot and fungal nail infection thrive. Take off socks, tights and waterproof footwear as soon as you can to allow your feet to spread and “breathe” naturally and check your not already suffering an untreated infection.


  • Keep in Trim

Even though you may have suspended your normal summer pedicure routine, ensure your nails don’t get over-long. Pressuring longer nails into tight shoes and boots can trigger painful ingrowing toenails and the same pressure can cause tiny cuts and abrasions on neighbouring toes which then become infected.


  • It’s not dry skin!

The hard skin that developes on the soles of our feet and the dull, scaly, “dry-looking” skin that develops on calves and ankles does not require moisturing! These are dead skin cells which will never be glued back on with crème and should be exfoliated with  dry brushing or hard skin removal tools revealing your fresh, softer skin layers beneath.


And one more for luck! If you suffer poor circulation and experience cold feet and toes, boost your blood flow and warm your feet up with simple exercises. Point and flex your toes while seated or try the “Ankle Alphabet” writing the shape of each letter in mid-air woth your big toe.


Zen Ten Spa’s Pearl Pedi-Therapy is a perfect way to get winter foot care back on track. Book yours now on 07709101010.

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