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Motherhood Made Marvellous

With Mother’s Day just around the corner we thought it might be useful to examine the ways complementary therapies can support motherhood. The opportunities are endless:

Fertility Reflexology

When you’re considering becoming pregnant, one way to ensure your reproductive system is in the best shape to conceive without painful or intrusive medical procedures is to have sessions of fertility reflexology. This treatment feels like a gentle foot massage, but in fact specific zones of the sole and ankle are being targeted to send signals across neural pathways to MOT the reproductive organs and prompt the body to balance hormones for greater chances of conception. Zen Ten Spa celebrates the birth of yet another fertility reflexology client’s first-born this spring. The perfect introduction to Motherhood.


Pregnancy Massage

As ligaments and joints loosen during pregnancy and your back and hips support the weight of your growing baby the stresses and strains can tell on your body. Zen Ten Spa specialises in pregnancy massage. Treatments are delivered in a bespoke cushioned support which adapts to relax you during your massage from early weeks to full-term. Our massages are bespoke designed using more than 30 global pregnancy massage techniques to deliver de-stressing and pain relieving treatments throughout your journey to motherhood. And because our 5 star spa vehicle comes to you there is no stressful travel involved as you cope with early nausea or later limited mobility.



Aromatherapy oils are excellent for penetrating the skin to relieve motherhood related ailments such as the pain and tension created by breastfeeding, the stretch marks and loose skin experienced post birth and the ability to regulate your sleep pattern enabling you to rest and recoup between feeds. Introducing aromatherapy oils to your system via a bespoke Zen Ten Spa aromatherapy massage is the perfect way to restore both body and mind for motherhood.


Mother & Baby Loop Treatments

There’s no better way to bond with your baby in a calming and relaxing environment than to have a shared “Loop” treatment. In Massage Loops and Reiki Loops both mother and baby experience the benefits of a joint treatment passing healing and relaxation from therapist to mother, baby and back. A truly beautiful and beneficial treatment to boost you both in motherhood.

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