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Top Three Must-Eat Superfoods for Spring 2017

Whether it’s a  rollover from spring cleaning the house or a bid to get the perfect beach bod, more than 40% of us begin detox and dieting programmes in April. The big problem with big changes is they are hard to stick to and ultimately don’t work, but just substituting 3 Spring superfoods into your diet for Spring 2017 can have marked effects and build healthy habits that stay with you:


Superfood Number One: Greek Yoghurt

Whether you drizzle it on muesli for breakfast or use it as a dessert cream substitute, Greek Yoghurt has plenty of plus points. Its rich in Magnesium, calcium and potassium, lowers blood pressure and its probiotics aid digestion.


Superfood Number Two: Salmon

Fantastic replacement for red meats or dairy dripping cheese in lunch salads and sandwiches and, if the weather holds, for hurling on the BBQ. A great source of omega 3 fatty acid which lowers cholesterol is good for the heart and lowers blood pressure.


Superfood Number 3: Watermelon

Begin breakfasting on this taste of the summer to come. It contains a chemical which helps build muscle mass, which in turn triggers production of more energy and the burning of fat. This process is particularly important the older we get and muscle mitochondria have degenerated. In addition to all this good news, the fruit actually takes more energy to chew and digest than its waterbased contents provides, so it’s even better than calorie-neutral favourites like cucumber and celery.


Building these Spring superfoods into your diet this Spring will boost health and help with weight loss. Now that most supermarkets get year round supplies of all 3 there’s no reason to limit this positive change to Spring- it can be a year round superfoods habit.

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