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Holistics In Hospices

Holistic therapies are proven to deliver a range of beneficial effects in the palliative care environment and are offered at more and more day centres and in patient units for those with terminal conditions because of the evidence of their success in supporting patients.

A range of Zen Ten Spa treatments are given in hospice and palliative care settings. Patients are delighted to receive a therapy, which whilst also improving their wellbeing, can be seen as a pampering. 95% of standard salons and spa’s are forced to turn clients with such diagnoses away because they do not have the specialist staff or insurance to deliver treatments. Worse still many patients are treated by unscrupulous therapists who accept bookings without being accredited in the specially adapted therapies thus invalidating their insurance and risking the client’s safety at the same time.

A sample of the therapies which can be adapted for palliative care include reflexology : which is especially effective at over-coming the insomnia that accompanies many conditions and the constipation which can be caused by the cocktail of medicines required by some patients. Aromatherapy is also an excellent choice, from the use of essential oil diffusers which, once expertly blended, can be used in the home environment and topical application of a variety of specialist essential oils in amended blends which can be used in massage for symptom control.

The care and attention offered by a trained therapist in Zen Ten Spa’s beautiful surroundings, which travel to the client in the spa vehicle, avoids the need for travel for those with mobility issues, meaning patients view a Zen Ten Spa appointment as a real treat: a change of scene, some TLC and with symptom benefits too.

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