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Secret Detox Health Powers of Parsley

The simple garden herb parsley delivers an incredible body detoxifier and  is an unbeatable healer, guaranteed to boost health in everyone who tries it. Creating an easy and cheap detox iced tea from parsley will deliver a week-long detox your body and mind will thank you for.


To make Parsley Detox Tea:

Cut and wash a cereal bowl full of sprigs of parsley

Take scissors and chop your sprigs into smaller sections & place these course choppings in a jug or flask

Fill with 1.5 litres of boiling water and leave to stand and cool

Strain the cooled tea into bottles or other containers for the fridge.

Drink 200ml ( a teacup or small glass) of  tea as your first intake of the day each morning for 5 days.


You’ll be amazed by the effects which will include:

  • Fresh breath which is a signpost of internal health
  • Powerful anti-oxidant arresting ageing
  • Increased urination which is a sign of a healthy flush-out of toxins
  • Relief of intestinal gas, constipation and bloating
  • Cleansing and detox of liver and kidneys
  • Powerful anti-bacterial agent curing mild infections
  • Effective anti-carcinogen inhibiting tumour growth
  • Increased intake of dozens of recommended vitamins and minerals:
  1. It provides 16% of the RDI of vitamin C in two tablespoons.
  2. It provides 12% of vitamin A in two tablespoons.
  3. It provides 77.5% of the RDI of iron in 100 grams.
  4. It provides 38% RDI of folate in 100 grams.
  5. It provides 14% RDI of calcium in 100 grams.

Repeating a parsley detox 4-6 times a year will boost health and slow down the ageing process.

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