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The Benefits of an Autumn Cold

5 Reasons to be Grateful for your Illness


More than 60% of the population falls prey to colds and flu in October, which means a significant number of us are feeling sorry for ourselves, spreading our germs and low mood to our family, friends and colleagues.

It’s time to take a different approach and embrace your Autumn illness as a wakeup call to help you prepare for a healthy and happy winter.

  1. Immunity

Falling victim to an autumn cold or flu signifies that your immunity is poor and needs addressing. Take the hint and boost your health to fight this minor illness and avoid the much tougher infections that are flung our way in the depths of winter.

  1. Nutrition

Poor diet can reduce immunity. Perhaps you’re neglecting the 5 a day fruit and veg rule, overloading your system with too much sugar or have begun the hibernation habit of high-carb foods leaving your system to struggle with stodge. A good balance of fruit and vegetables, light meats and fish and a realistic approach to treats and luxuries will nourish your system enabling it to fight for you without being hampered by feeling fattened or starved.

  1. Sleep

Shorter days are a hint to sleep more- take it. Our bodies need longer recuperation after fighting daily cold temperatures, infections and the low mood that winter can trigger. Allow yourself rest.

  1. Exercise

There’s a great temptation to hibernate and become professional couch potatoes in winter. Comfort eating and the beach body hidden in layers of clothing conspire to reduce our motivation, but fresh air and outdoor exercise is crucial. It boosts the metabolism and therefore immunity and exposure, even to weak winter sun, triggers vitamin D production. Outdoor exercise also delivers the oxygen we need after locking ourselves in environments of stale, CO2 rich air.

  1. Home Investment

Our home (and office) environments can have a profound effect on our health and immunity. If your spring clean (or even earlier) is the last time you thoroughly cleaned, de-cluttered and properly “aired” your space, you will be surrounded by stale air, stale energy and even germs. Throw open windows, let in light, clean in corners. Allow health to blossom in your home.


By taking this positive approach and these practical steps after the warning signal which is the purpose of autumn colds, we can make the adjustments needed to ensure happy, healthy winter months for ourselves.


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