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4 Ways to Beat Neck & Shoulder Pain in Winter

Swan Around This Winter!

We can all be prone to neck and shoulder tension in cold weather, due to our unconscious habit of clenching against the cold. 

Our upper spine , at the base of the neck, is one of the body’s trigger points for experiencing a feeling of coldness and setting off the shiver reflex. Blocking drafts from this area with high collars or scarves can prevent the problem, but if you recognise a tendency in yourself to tense against the cold with associated aches and pains, then there are a number of things you can do:

  1. Check if your shoulders are raised. In the UK in winter more than 60% of the population is thought to raise their shoulders by up to 2 inches as a reaction against the cold. 
  2. Make a conscious effort to drop your shoulders. When you fully relax, you’ll be surprised at the tension you may have been holding and the pressure that puts on upper back and neck muscles.
  3. Relieve unexplained neck and shoulder pain by running this check.
  4. Reverse the effects of tense muscles due to raised shoulders by sitting straight in a firm dining-style chair and gripping the sides of the seat . Lower your shoulders and lengthen your neck simultaneously. Repeat this stretch three times and run this exercise at least twice a day until your pain is eased and you’ve retrained your posture.

Here at Zen Ten Spa we call this winter health check The Swan Audit so remember to swan about this winter and to ensure full muscle pain relief and relaxation book in for a Zen Ten Spa treatment . Call 07709101010

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