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Let Your Leaves Fall This Autumn – Exclusive Offer

Just as trees find a greater beauty in their autumn leaves, which are falling , as autumn sets in, we too should be “shedding leaves”- the literal meaning of the word “exfoliation”.


It is tempting to moisturise to try to keep a summer tan or to believe “dry body brushing”, which is the best way to exfoliate large areas, will leave your skin lacking moisture, dull and lifeless, but in fact the reverse is true and exfoliation is vital preparation to support your skin through winter months.


Skin cells at the surface are already dead and trying to moisturise or maintain a tan with other products just creates a gloopy porridge of dead skin cells. This blocks pores and interferes with our skin’s natural renewal process.


The best way to ensure a full-body exfoliation holistically achieved with a practitioner who fully understands this process is with Zen Ten Spa’s Autumn Leaves Dry Body Brush & Massage.


The brushing treatment not only removes dead skin cells, but invigorates, increases circulation and stimulates the vagus nerve ( our feelgood switch).


The following personally tailored aromatherapy massage will then tone and condition skin and muscle according to your specific  needs preparing your whole body for the coming winter and calming and relaxing a stressed mind into the bargain.


Of course Zen Ten Spa’s award-winning Holistic Facials are well-known for their regenerative exfoliation course, prior to our bespoke face mask. This season, we adapt a luxurious Thai facial technique to deliver an invigorating facial exfoliation. This tailor-made Facial can be booked alongside a body treatment for head to toe autumn bliss.

Enquire about our limited period exclusive special offer on a  beyond bespoke combined Body & Facial Treatment in our luxury therapy vehicle called out to your home, office or event at your convenience. It’s all about you.


Book now by calling 07709 101010 or emailing info@zentenspa.co.uk



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