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Benefits of Spa Therapy Peppermint Oil

The summer weather is a health blessing in so many ways. We find ourselves naturally opting for the wellbeing trinity of fresh air, exercise and drinking more water . This is in contrast to our caffeine fuelled hibernating winter months. There’s a great essential oil that’s just made to ensure our health and homes both remain in peak condition throughout summer. Here are just a handful of the amazing summer benefits of peppermint oil:
Peppermint Oil is excellent for health inside and out:
1. For our skin it makes a brilliant summer after sun tonic. Its chemical make up means it feels cool on application and the active compounds within help heal the burns of over exposure to the sun. Add 3 drops to a cup full of plain body lotion or moisturising cream to turn basic toiletries into incredibly effective after sun agents.
2. Peppermint oil is an excellent summer insect repellent. As a natural compound it doesn’t carry the worrying side effects of synthetic anti- insect brands. An added bonus is the fresh minty smell which repels insects but not humans!
3. The therapeutic qualities of peppermint oil are similar to anti-histamines in that it soothes itchy skin after bites or heat rashes
4. Peppermint oil also assists the body to fight allergies and can reduce the effects of hay fever and the severity of reactions to insect bites
5. For summer trips on trains, planes or boats the anti-nausea properties of peppermint oil help combat the symptoms of motion sickness. The same properties will also aid digestion and reduce nausea in cases of “BBQ Belly”.
Peppermint Oil is valuable around the home:
1. Using peppermint oil in an aromatherapy diffuser around the house cleanses rather than masks bad odours.
2. The anti-bacterial properties of peppermint oil mean its excellent to add for mopping and cleaning and when used as a bin rinse can prevent refuse from developing the sour smell of bugs multiplying
3. The scent of peppermint oil has an energising effect and clears sinuses and headaches banishing the stale “ sick building” atmosphere that can build in warm homes.
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