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Special Spring!

If you’re feeling a spring in your step, it’s not surprising. The change in season chimes with our dormant caveman brains and triggers us to leap out of hibernation mood and into a time of activity and increased health. To ensure you’re getting the very best out of spring to boost your wellbeing, make the most of the 5 key benefits it offers:
Increased quantity and quality of light – longer days with brighter skies means we’re getting more UV rays which the body turns into crucial Vitamin D. There have been lots of scare stories about UV and suncream is important abroad or in the height of summer, but the hidden health problems of starving our bodies of Vitamin D are just as serious. Get out there and enjoy!
Bursts of colour- We were originally hunter- gatherers and our brains are still conditioned to scan dull, plain landscapes for the brighter patches which indicate the presence of fruit, berries and edible plants. The emergence of Spring flowers is an automatic moodlifter for the historic part of our soul.
Warmth- Brit’s raise their shoulders by up to 2 inches tensing against the cold of winter and this permanent stress on the muscles of our upper back and neck can lead to chronic pain. Spring is the time to get a massage and begin gentle exercise to release this tension and keep pain free.
Company- We are social animals and apart from the unhealthy excesses of the party season, many people tend to hibernate in winter putting much of their social life on hold. Spring heralds the start of team sports and outdoor social activities. Be sure to join in.

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