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3 Top Tips to Put a Spring in the Step of Your Office / 3 Spring Secrets for Your Home

Want to ensure a boost to wellbeing for everyone in your home or office?
Follow these simple Spring tips and be amazed by the difference.

  • Fresh Air- now the temperature has risen fling as many windows as you can wide open. Stale air harbours germs, pools carbon dioxide and is low in oxygen. This cocktail is guaranteed to make anyone working or living in the area feel fatigued and low. So, let in a little fresh air. Flush out the atmosphere and watch the instant boost in energy levels and morale. It works and it’s free!
  • Bring the Outdoors In- spotting new growth and blossoms outdoors gives us a Spring boost and this can be replicated indoors too. Invest in a few simple house plants. They suck harmful CO2 from the atmosphere and pump out energy boosting oxygen and some brand new science even claims they give out vibrations which make us feel more positive.
  • Let in the Light- If your space has blinds and curtains drawn or such a cluttered window sill that light is blocked, remove the barriers and let light flood into your living or working area. UV rays are a natural cleanser and the perception of increased natural light gives us a boost in energy and focus.

Follow these three simple tips and within hours everyone in your home or office environment will have an extra spring in their step this Spring.

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