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Lower Back Pain Not Always Physical- Spa Therapy Finds

Up to 40% of us will suffer lower back pain at some point in our lives. This ranges from a dull ache in the lower spine area to excruciating pain and spasm which can totally prevent movement and disrupt every day life.

Most of the time such symptoms have a direct and obvious cause. There could have been a trauma injury to the lower back. Muscles can be “pulled” when heavy lifting or turning at a difficult angle. The repetitive strain of a lifestyle that involves continuous standing or frequent bending can take its toll. But when all these reasons have been discounted we are left with the possibility that the symptoms could be body-mind related.

Scientific evaluation of case studies has shown that when no physical cause can be found for lower back pain it invariably has a psychological source. When we experience negativity and blocks in our life, they manifest as pain in a certain area of the body. It is one way of our subconscious drawing attention to the issue, literally stopping us in our tracks, until we resolve the life approach which is not servicing us.

When the pain is situated in the lower back or sciatic area and the cause has been isolated as psychological, fear about money is found to be the reason. If you suffer with hip or sciatic issues it is important to acknowledge and understand your thought patterns regarding money issues. Honestly assess your life and how this fear may have come about. Discuss it with those involved and notice when fear arises as the issue is examined. The aim is to replace the fear surrounding money with an attitude of trust and balance. Do you feel in control when it comes to finances? Has a financial crisis occurred for which you continue to blame yourself or others? Is this holding you back? Spreading negativity?

As you examine your thought patterns and begin to fully understand financial experiences of the past and reach a balanced view about them, you will be able to acknowledge and accept what has happened previously. It will also become clearer that this pattern is not destined to repeat and a new approach will automatically bring new results.

Fear and anxiety over money built as a protection mechanism which had its own logic in the past. Forgive yourself for that, but release and let go of that approach. Bring balance and positivity to your dealings with money in future and honesty with others in joint ventures. As your thought patterns change the lower back and sciatic pain will ease, because your body no longer needs to draw attention to this issue.

Zen Ten Spa offers Clearsight Coaching a psychotherapeutic discussion and mental exercise treatment to help with resolution. And a tailor-made body therapy will release any residual tension in the back which may have built up over the months or years of suffering with this issue. Call 07709 101010 now to book a session.

Our Mind/Body blog continues isolating other areas of body pain which can be attributed to dis-serving thought patterns.

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