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Reproductive Dysfunction Not Always Physical – Spa Therapy Finds

Government studies suggest that up to 15% of couples suffer fertility issues. Medically, infertility is defined as failure to fall pregnant within one year of trying or 6 months if the woman is over 35. Medical tests can be undertaken to establish if there is a physical cause for the inability for a couple to conceive. These can range from abnormalities of the female reproductive organs to a low sperm count or the presence of disease or a genetic reason in either or both parties.

 A raft of scans and other procedures are available to establish the cause and drugs or surgery are used to overcome these. However, scientific evaluation of case studies has shown that when no physical cause can be found for infertility it invariably has a psychological source.

When we experience negativity and blocks in our life, they manifest as dysfunction in a certain area of the body. It is one way of our subconscious drawing attention to the issue, literally stopping us in our tracks, until we resolve the life approach which is not serving us. This phenomenon is called a Psychogenic Symptom and as specialist Susan Babbel MFT Phd writes such problems “Often function to warn a person that there is still emotional work to be done”At Zen Ten Spa we see many clients in this position. They have been coping with the stress of undiagnosed infertility problems for a number of months or even years with medical tests for disease or malformation failing to find a cause. This situation is stressful and stress is in itself a block to conception. Living in a constant “flight or fight mode” releasing cortisol which increases blood pressure and blood sugar reducing immunity will lower wellbeing and thus the ability to concieve. Our complementary therapies such as fertility reflexology and reiki provide vital support to bring the worst of the symptoms under control.

Once our complementary therapy input has begun, we use psychotherapeutic talking therapy to encourage clients to examine how their emotional issues or lifestyle might be impacting on fertility.

Zen Ten Spa’s work in this area uses the Chakra energy system as a diagnostic tool to highlight areas that clients may wish to explore. When physical medical causes have been discounted as underlying infertility, we ask clients to explore their emotional attitudes, thought patterns and life choices to see if energy blocks are revealed.

We have developed the following “Body- Mind” link regarding infertility it is identified as:

The Production Block.

Any symptom affecting the male or female reproductive organs such as uterus, ovaries, vagina, prostate and testes could point to issues in our love or sexual relationships (offspring production) or worries about financial concerns (money production).

Our subconscious could be drawing our attention to a failure to connect, communicate or get needs met through our sexual relationship by blocking fertility. When this issue is recognised and steps are taken with our partner to resolve the problems conception frequently follows. Apart from procreation, anxiety over the creation and maintenance of the necessary income stream ( money production) can block fertility. Sometimes money fears are groundless and releasing these negative thought patterns resolves the issue. Examining and acknowledging our attitude to money and taking positive steps to manage income and financial expectations can remove this block resulting in an increased likelihood of conception.

Zen Ten Spa offers both body therapies and psychological support and guidance where medical tests fail to bring diagnosis or cure. Book an appointment or call 07709 101010

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