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Spring Insomnia 3 Spa Therapy Cures

Rising temperatures and lighter nights can conspire to make Spring a time of insomnia suffering for around 30 per cent of us. If you or a friend or family member has difficulty sleeping at this time of year, try these quick hacks and before you know it, you’ll be waking from a great night’s sleep.

  1. Get Cool

Our brain prepares to shut down when it perceives a 1-2 degree drop in body temperature, whilst lying down ready to sleep. If opening a window or discarding covers won’t achieve this for you, consider taking a hot bath. It may seem counter-productive but as core temperature cools after the bath, the brain-body sleep trigger occurs.

  • Go Bananas or Nuts!

Both bananas and walnuts contain chemicals which promote sleep, so favour them for evening snacks. Most definitely avoid sugary foods, caffeine and if your prone to twilight toilet trips also cut out any liquids after 8pm.

  • Don’t Move!

While preparing to sleep, or if you should wake too early, act as if you are already unconscious. Speaking, reading or any other activity that stimulates the brain will delay the time at which you’ll drop off. Similarly, try not to move a muscle. Tossing and turning and certainly getting back out of bed produces adrenaline which will need to dissipate again before you will be able to sleep.

When we’re suffering from stress the excess adrenaline in our bodies, our overactive minds and the tension we’re unconsciously holding in our muscles all contribute to sleepless nights. A great way to de-stress, pressing Control-Alt-Delete on these “wound up” symptoms is to have a complementary therapy treatment with Zen Ten Spa. Our massage, reflexology and reiki are famous as “knockout” insomnia cures and once the body has been nudged back to good sleep patterns, the problem will be a thing of the past. So book yourself or your sleepless loved one a treatment today to guarantee them sweet dreams.     Tel: 07709101010

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