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Made For Men – Complementary Therapies for Males

There’s a Catch 22 in the Spa and therapy industries concerning customers who are men.


Men suffer just as many stresses, strains and injuries as women, but traditionally apart from sports physiotherapy it has been rarer for males to seek out complementary therapy for relaxation and pain relief. Forward thinking individuals who do appreciate the scientifically proven benefits of complementary therapies on health book themselves in to see a therapist at a salon or spa and are invariably made to feel uncomfortable as the sole male client, possibly even stranded in a sea of hysterical hen party attendees. Ultimately, their experience is frequently not as relaxing or beneficial as it should be.

Sports Massage is by far the most popular therapy chosen by male clients, closely followed by Indian Head Massage. Reflexology and Reiki are also growing in popularity amongst men and therapists who cater for male facials have seen a surge in interest. However, pairing a man with the perfect therapy to suit him is only half the task. Unfortunately most therapy rooms are geared up primarily to treat women. Both literally in terms of a failure to provide male toilets or individual shower rooms and also in terms of ambience with overtly feminine décor, reading materials etc. Therefore, 50 % of the complementary therapy client base is effectively being shut out in a form of reverse sexism.


Not so with Zen Ten Spa. We provide the widest range of therapies of any spa in the UK and uniquely tailor each treatment to the clients needs, thus blending techniques from the male-preference therapies into specially adapted treatments. Our gender neutral décor fosters relaxation for all, not just “girlie-pampers” and best of all being the world’s first spa on wheels the callout service treats you at the home, office or sports club so you’re guaranteed not to be sharing the spa and feeling like an unwelcome minority-oddity.


With Father’s Day just around the corner it’s the perfect chance for the men in your family to experience complementary therapy tailored for them, introducing them to a healthy new future of de-stressing and pain relief wellbeing support. Book Now:

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