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Tomato Truthbomb- Healthy Diet Tips

Healthy Eating = Salad = Tomatoes Right? Wrong!

From “Five a Day” to “Pick Colourful Foods” diet advice all seems to point in the direction of tomatoes and yet for many of us tomatoes are not healthy, in fact they over-burden our system with a toxin it cannot cope with.

The tomato is part of the “Nightshade” plant family. Ring a bell? That’s because another plant in that family is “Deadly Nightshade” the name is a giveaway, as is its history as a favourite for poisoners!

Tomatoes contain salicylic acid which creates the mild tang taste that makes it such a favourite, but as many as 60% of the population may suffer intolerance to salicylic acid in varying degrees.

At its worst, ingesting tomatoes or even getting ketchup on the skin can lead to anaphylactic shock, the life-threatening condition most associated with peanut allergy. However, the chances are that many of us suffer a mild reaction which we have never associated with tomatoes and doesn’t cause any real discomfort, but our organs will still be over-worked processing such a toxin.

If you suffer gastro-intestinal problems, frequent cystitis, rashes, itching or increase in sweat, saliva or tears – you may have a tomato intolerance and its worth considering reducing your intake especially when your immune system is low fighting other infections.

Please pass on this little-known information to prevent unnecessary suffering and misguided dieting. For daily video health tips for wellbeing assessments and therapy appointments call 07709 101010

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