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Fruity February- Try 5 Diet & Mood Boosters

February is the month that people report being most lethargic, low and bloated. But whilst cold can curtail cures like fresh air and exercise we can still use diet to banish the blues.


Try to avoid carbohydrate comfort food which slows down the metabolism, creates the sluggish digestion which leads to bloating and weight gain and can lower mood. Instead find room for fruit. Having a fruity February can alleviate the diet and mood dips we get drawn into this month.


Here are 5 top tips to help you choose your Fruity February

  • Burst of Colour

The greater the variety of colour in your fruit portions the wider the variety of nutrients they deliver. Blend a bright fruit salad as a dessert or add a rainbow of oranges, red grapes, yellow banana and green kiwi to your breakfast


  • Strawberries- the legal high

Now we’re no longer reliant on British seasons, we can get strawberries year- round. They contain a feelgood chemical which will give you a summer smile, even in the depths of winter.


  • Gooseberry Fool

Gooseberries speed up the metabolism and are a great help with diet and weight-loss, you’d be a gooseberry fool not to try them.


  • Frozen Fruit

It’s not just our toes that can get frozen in February. When fruit is frozen immediately after picking it maintains its nutritional value and can often be better for us than fruit that has travelled miles and lain on a shop shelf for days. So, if you haven’t the time to fill a fresh fruit bowl daily factor in frozen fruit.


  • Fruit Drinks

As long as the smoothies or juices you drink are home-made or freshly made there is no problem with getting your daily fruit boost in liquid form.



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