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Frozen?- Healthy Heating

Three Ways to Make the Most of Your Radiators in Frozen February

Will winter never end? With spring buds appearing, were you hoping you’d soon be switching off central heating and saving fuel bills? Those hopes are dashed – we’re frozen, but you could be missing out on a double use for your radiators which provides a family health boost too.


The slow release warmth from storage heaters and radiators is perfect for gently releasing the medicinal properties of essential oils into your home. Ensuring health and safety, placing a ceramic dish or foil container of water on the fins of a radiator or top surface of storage heaters and adding 3 drops of pure organic aromatherapy oil can diffuse the pleasant scent and release the health benefits of aromatherapy throughout your home.


Here are 3 popular oils which if used in the relevant room, in safe conditions, can ward off minor ailments and promote healthy patterns in your house:


Lavender Oil- is an excellent insomnia cure. 3 drops placed in a dish of water on your bedroom radiator will lead to slow release of Lavender’s active ingredient which promotes sleep.


Peppermint Oil- is a germ-buster and has energising properties. 3 drops placed in a dish of water on a bathroom radiator or heated towel rail the night before will perform an anti-bacterial cleanse of your bathroom, kill off mould and release an invigorating scent to wake you with a zing in the morning.


Basil Oil- has cleansing properties and stimulates a healthy appetite. Drops placed on a kitchen radiator will cleanse the atmosphere of germs, mask less pleasant cooking odours and build a healthy appetite for the food you are preparing.


The most enjoyable way to experience the health benefits of aromatherapy is through an essential oil massage. Book yours today on 07709 101010

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