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Delightful Dreams

Sleep is crucial to good physical health. Anything from 5 to 10 hours sleep can be required by people of different metabolisms. Any less than 5 hours sleep will create stressors and ultimately damage health, any more than 10 hours leads to further lethargy and difficulties with focus and motivation.
Our dreams are just as important as our sleep for mental health. Dreams are the brains way of dealing with events of the day and cataloguing memories for future reference. Our sleep is divided into 3 distinct dreaming blocks.
In an average 8 hour night’s sleep the first dreaming block will last 2.5 hours and is when the brain processes the events of the day. In other words it’s when our mind makes sense of what has happened and catalogues the occurrences.
Our second block of dreaming occurs from 2.5 to 5 hours into an 8 hour sleep. During this time the brain resolves issues that have occurred during the day. This is a crucial period when our creative subconscious rifles through our memory banks and finds solutions to our problems which will “occur” to us on waking.
In our final block of sleep, from 5 hours in to the time that we wake, the brain can predict what is likely to occur for us. This is a special time or creativity and inspiration jealously guarded by entrepreneurs who know the value of this final block of sleep.

Interruption to any stage of sleep will have detrimental effects on both our physical health and mental wellbeing and as shown could even effect our behaviour in future. For advice on improving sleep patterns see both our previous blog posts and the video tips on our facebook page.

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