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The Non-Smokers Fag Break

Building “Cigarette” breaks back into your work day is healthy!

Of course we don’t recommend the nicotine element, but there are 3 key reasons why a 5 minute break outside gives you a physical re-boot improving focus, concentration, memory and energy levels.

New Territory
Moving your geographical location has a stimulating effect on the brain and triggers greater creative thinking- it helps us to see problems from a different point of view- literally!

Light and Air
We may be lucky enough to have secured a window seat in the office with better ventilation and more natural light than our colleagues, but this is still limited or filtered. A trip to the real outdoors delivers exposure to UV light triggering the production of Vitamin D, increased oxygen to banish lethargy and boost brain function and a change in temperature which nudges all our internal organs into action to re-balance our bodies’ thermostat.

Leaving the desk to make this great expedition outdoors stretches out stiff limbs, uses different muscles and if you take the stairs adds a cardio-vascular work out to the trip, especially on the return journey.

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