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Positives of Valentine’s Pampering

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon it is worth noting that the perfect pamper is not just an excellent gift, it brings with it plenty of positive health benefits, especially in Winter.


Here are just 3 of the immediate scientific health effects a spa treatment has on male and female Valentine’s recipients:

  • Feelgood Factor

“Feel” is the operative word. In winter with our bodies swathed in clothes we can become de-sensitised to touch. Without the warmth of the sun or the touch of a gentle breeze on the skin we are in a state of winter sensory deprivation. A skin sensitive treatment such as massage or aromatherapy awakens our hibernating senses. Perfect pre-Valentines Day.


  • Relaxing and De-stressing

Massage and similar complementary therapies stimulate the vagus nerve. This is part of our unconscious nervous system. The “Vagal Response” triggered by spa treatments leads to an automatic reduction in heart rate and blood pressure creating an immediate sense of relaxation and wellbeing. The longer term effects are improved digestion and a self healing that leads to better regulation of all the body’s internal systems.


  • “Loved Up”

On an unconscious level the care and attention taken over a professional massage or similar complementary therapy makes the recipient feel cherished. Serotonin, the feelgood chemical, is released into the body and the increase in blood circulation triggered by the treatment increases awareness of our limbs and extremities, putting both mind and body in a great place to enjoy Valentines Day.



All these great  effects can be lost by the time and stress of a journey to or from a traditional spa or salon, but Zen Ten Spa is the world’s first therapy suite to drive to you. The 5 star spa parks up o your doorstep delivering luxury treatments with the unique bonus that you are already home to revel in the benefits immediately after your treatment. Book now on 07709101010.

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