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7 Reasons our Spa Therapy Expert says Sun is Good for Us

At Zen Ten Spa health and wellbeing is our top priority which is why we welcome summer sun. Lots of scare stories warn us to avoid sun, cover up, slip-slap-slop or take to shade, but we get precious little brightness in the British Isles. It’s been a long hard winter so when the sun finally breaks through, why deny ourselves. Here are 7 good reasons to get out and enjoy the sun:
1. Happy Days- sunlight absorbed through the skin boosts serotonin- the body’s own happy juice – which is why basking in sunshine lifts our mood
2. Melt away Pain- the warming effect of sunshine on muscles and joints eases pain and leads to general relaxation which releases tension in typical stress areas such as neck and shoulders
3. Wide Awake- sunlight reduces a hormone called melatonin which is our inbuilt dozey drug, so with less melatonin in our systems we feel wide awake and full of get up and go.
4. Making Whoopy- sun increases testosterone production in men and creates a cocktail of chemicals which boost female fertility. Sunshine is the perfect ingredient for non-alcoholic “Sex on the Beach”
5. Glowing Skin- sunlight can clear up conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Controlled exposure of up to 30 minutes a day without sunblock is often prescribed to clear up minor breakouts.
6. Immunity Boost – sun aids the production of white blood cells which are the body’s natural defence mechanism against germs and infections.
7. Weight Loss- sun boosts serotonin which is an appetite suppressant this is why we feel less hunger and are not as tempted to over-indulge in the summer.
Our long awaited summer is on it’s way and health-boosting fresh air and sunshine await us. Prepare yourself for a summer of healthy sun with body therapies from Zen Ten Spa. Bookings and advice via 07709 101010 and

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