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Holistic Pedicure- More Than Skin Deep

(Due to preparation of fresh ingredients 24 hrs notice is required prior to booking.)

A beauty salon pedicure only provides a nail polish to match your sandals and splashes moisturiser on dry soles. Long-lasting foot health is more than skin deep. Here are 5 ways in which our genuine holistic pedicure heals your feet:
1. A soak in detoxifying essential oils thoroughly cleanses pores. This removes blockages and draws out the toxins built up when our feet are trapped binding footwear
2. Exfoliation with mineral rich sea salts is vital. It removes the dead skin cell build up which manifests as hard patches on the balls and heels. This can only be fully achieved with holistic pedicure lifting work. Application of commercial pedicure creams gives only the temporary appearance of soft skin by creating a sludge made of dead cells and the product on the surface.
3. Lymph drainage massage is a crucial element of holistic pedicure. It’s great for calves, feet and ankles. Gravity means the body’s toxins can sink to our feet and ankles causing swelling and lumpiness. The lymphatic system works in tandem with our blood circulation clearing waste from our bodies. But unlike blood which gets pumped by the heart lymph relies on exercise and movement to stimulate its flow. Sedentary lifestyles, crossed legs and lack of exercise all contribute to the toxin fest of cankles which this specialist massage can smooth away.
4. Only after this painstaking preparation can effective pedicure moisturising take place. The skin on our feet is designed to withstand bare foot walking. This means mass-produced salon cremes will not penetrate to adequately nourish the skin. In a holistic pedicure pure organic oils chosen because they match the body’s own moisturising agents are expertly applied using a natural heat sealing technique for effective penetration.
5. Our feet reflect our general health and the touch of an experienced reflexologist can diagnose imbalances in bodily functions and areas of stress on organs. A holistic pedicure ends with bespoke nutrition and lifestyle advice to optimise fitness and reinforce good health.

Zen Ten Spa’s unique Pearl Peditherapy encompasses all 5 of the key indicators of a genuine holistic pedicure with the added luxury of genuine raw river pearls infused with exotic pure organic essential oils to ensure your foot health basics are delivered at a luxurious level.

(Please remember to give 24hr notice for product preparation)


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