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Designer Stubble Not the Only Growth Area in Male Facials

The male grooming industry has mushroomed in recent years from its baseline of a splash of aftershave and anti-perspirant through specialist regenerative shampoos to the current trend for male facial products.


These mass-produced and questionably effective creams, gels and masques are marketed as macho sounding “turbo-charged” or “caffeinated” wonder-potions and a quick glance at the synthetically generated chemical ingredients will mystify those searching for scientific reasons why they’d work.


Surveys show the 3 main problems men seek facial solutions for are:

  • The puffiness and dark circles of tired eyes
  • Elimination of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Avoidance of sensitive skin “breakouts” associated with shaving, diet or hormones

The reality is that 2 major factors influence success in tackling these areas and neither exists in a DIY bottle, whatever the price:


The application of compounds designed to tackle facial problems is crucial and sadly the direction and pressure required to effectively introduce them to the skin in affected areas rules out self application.



The preservatives used in long shelf-life products counteract any good such gels and creams may contain and the originally harvested “active” ingredients will have long-since lost their potency.


However. there is a solution. Male facials from Zen Ten Spa use fresh, pure organic ingredients from natural sources such as Frankincense tree resin for wrinkles and citrus blends for tired eyes. These are expertly applied with micro-facial massage techniques which disperse toxins and stimulate circulation and facial muscles in addition to correctly introducing the products for optimal absorption.


A shelf full of commercial products is less effective than an hour long bespoke treatment. So, clear some space in the bathroom and clear the way to improved facial health and complexion. Gift yourself a Male Facial from Zen Ten Spa or take a leaf out of the girls’ book and drop strong hints for Valentine’s Day. No hanging around reading Woman’s Weekly in a spa or salon, Zen Ten’s Spa vehicle drives out to your home or office. It could even be a couples treat. Book Now on 07709101010.

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