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Woodland Wellbeing- How Trees Heal

Trees are a crucial part of the world’s healing cycle and time in forests and woods is vital to support our physical and mental wellbeing .

Breathe –

By stripping CO2 from the air and replacing it with oxygen, trees cleanse the toxins we exhale into the atmosphere substituting it for the oxygen we need to function. The high quality of oxygen-rich air within a forest or wood is what makes us feel so refreshed and rejuvenated by woodland walks.

Trees Talk-

German scientists have confirmed work begun by forester and author Peter Wohlleben whose years in woodland led him to surmise that trees communicate and woodland and forests are a high functioning community  of living beings . Experts monitoring woodland have established that trees vibrate at a high frequency. This energy is how individual trees communicate with one another spreading news of threats and sending healing to sick trees. It is  also why we are often drawn to get closer to and even hug trees. High vibrations lift our spirits, it is low frequency vibrations which are associated with negativity and depressive states. Humans were not designed to live in the concrete metropolises we now inhabit. Many individuals are sensitive to the loss of direct contact with nature and experience depression or anxiety because of this. An Australian environment and sustainability professor Glenn Albrecht has now developed a term for this condition “psychoterratic”,  to help draw attention to the positive relationship between mental health and immersion in the natural environment particularly contact with trees.

Medical Miracles-

Trees from across the globe have provided resins, oils and other ingredients for medicines since the earliest tribal communities and still feature in modern pharmaceuticals. Our woodlands are a beautiful , natural medicine cabinet. A herbalist or well-illustrated text book help us to directly identify the right trees to cure ailments or you may prefer to purchase harvested powders, oils and waxes. 

Here’s  just a glimpse of some of the healing on offer in our forests:

Cypress is an excellent cleanser and detoxifier and is also energising

Pine boosts the immune system and helps destroy pathogens, it also improves respiratory function.

Birch is excellent for toning and tightening skin.

Elements in white willow bark have been used for centuries to fight pain, both the inflammation of joints and the cramping of menstrual pains.

Hawthorn is excellent for the blood- known to reduce blood fats and blood pressure.

Elements in oak bark are great for treating digestive disorders and bringing swift relief for indigestion and diarrhoea.

It’s vital that we protect our woodlands. They are the lungs of the earth. Walking amongst trees is a mental and physical therapy in itself and trees provide us with a treasure chest of effective natural health cures.

At Zen Ten Spa our range of pure organic holistic therapy products utilises many tree remedies introduced via massage , inhalation’s and wellbeing programmes. To discuss your wellness needs and book therapies call 07709 101010.

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