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Spa Therapy Tips on Camper Cures

One of summers (sometimes soggy) joys is the wide variety of open air festivals on offer. Zen Ten Spa is attending many of them to alleviate “campers cramps” and offer an extra level of relaxation to the chill out vibe. However if you’re unfortunate enough to have picked an event we’re not attending, here are some top tips to keep everything from aches and pains to insect bites at bay. 

Rock & Roll – nights spent sleeping directly on the sometimes damp and cold ground mean you could experience stiff joints and random aches and pains. If your festival offers yoga or wild swimming, give it a go to loosen up, but if not be sure to repeat shoulder rolls and stretches and “shake out” tension by flicking your arms and legs.

Inside & Out – insides can play up at festivals with dodgy food and too much drink causing fluctuations between diarrhoea and constipation. Drink plenty of water avoid fizzy sodas and dairy in the case of the first. Be a BRAT for food – bananas , rice, applesauce & toast.And if being bunged up is your problem take with you the 3Ps – plums, prunes and pears.

Itch & Scratch- festivals can be a time of allergies from insect bite reactions to hay fever and grass rash. If you suspect you’ll have problems take baking soda with you. It dries and draws allergic reactions. Olive oil from any food stand will help if you’re trying to find a remedy on site.

To make sure insects visit someone else’s tent and leave yours alone sprinkle lemon grass essential oil on your canvas and campfire.

Once you’re home with great memories, but also unwanted health reminders of your festival fever book a Zen Ten Spa treatment to iron out your muscle cramps and help your skin recover .

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