Bespoke Nutrition Support Programmes

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Your Full Exploration of Your Diet & Lifestyle

If you suffer bloating, digestive issues, lethargy, poor sleep or mood swings, the answer may not lie with pharmaceuticals, but by examining how you are fueling your life.

We wouldn’t run our cars on rocket fuel or expect them to start with an empty tank and yet our own food and drink choices can be just as inappropriate and the effect on our lives just as debilitating.

Zen Ten Spa’s in-depth Nutritional Analysis and Support Programmes are bespoke designed around your needs and can take place as in-person consultation visits in our mobile therapy suite or online appointments. We support you through an extensive analysis of your history and current life patterns, collecting data to reveal where nutrient deficiencies, allergies and intolerances mean your diet is working against you.

Having isolated your problem areas this service suggests dietary changes, red flag foods and possible supplements required. Discovering:

Vitamin Deficiencies

Mineral Requirements

Your Dietary Clock

Enzyme Balance

Solid/Liquid Ratio

Red Flag Foods

Presence of Trace Elements

Toxin Levels

Unlike many so-called “experts”, Zen Ten Spa is not aligned with any commercial interests and will not attempt to sell supplements or other products. Our transformations rely on rebuilding your sensitivity and awareness of your body’s own intake preferences and nudging the timing and quantity of your dietary intake to better suit your unique needs. Disclaimer: Zen Ten Spa recommends seeking medical advice before making major changes to your diet or introducing vitamin or mineral supplements.

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