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3 Crucial Health Reasons to Hit the Great Outdoors this Spring

Time in the open air is vital for physical and mental health and after winter hibernation it’s important to get back outside and soak up all that’s good for us:


Skin cancer fears have left us as a nation suffering severe Vitamin D deficiencies which have far reaching effects on the health of our bodies and our moods. Yes sunscreen is needed if you plan to lie prone for hours in direct and strong sunlight, but don’t seek out shade. Taking lunch break walks, opting to sit outside and taking up outdoors sports and activities will ensure, even on cloudy days, our bodies get the ultra-violet light they need. The mood lift and physical benefits are noticeable and instantaneous and its free!

2) Fresh Air

Oxygen levels become depleted in crowded offices, social spaces and even at home of you don’t open windows. This is often the cause of fatigue, lethargy, lack of focus and poor health. So fling open the windows and take great gulps of fresh air or better still get outside for walks particularly in areas where plenty of trees will have sucked up and air pollution and pumped out energy boosting oxygen.

3) Socialising

We’re not designed as solitary creatures, but winter can have that effect upon us turning us into couch potatoes. As the weather improves and lighter nights encourage us to make better use of our evenings schedule in some outdoor socialising. Host a barbecue, invite friends to an outdoor restaurant, join a sports club or arrange a group day out in the great outdoors. Company jump starts our mood and the heath benefits of extra exercise  in all outdoor activities strengthens immunity and kick starts our internal organs into functioning better.

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