Sports Therapies- Crucial Kit for Winners

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We deliver award-winning sport-specific body therapies for both injury relief and performance maintenance.


Joint & Fascia Manipulation

Sports Reflexology

Reiki for Injury Relief


Our specialist treatments are tailor-made for individuals based on their fitness level and sport-specific needs. Our fully trained and insured therapist offers injury relief through joint manipulation and muscle and fascia work in a variety of treatment techniques. We also tackle sports injuries and performance maintenance via specially adapted sports reflexology and reiki. The body achieves what the mind believes, so our fully qualified sports psychology support provides the mental re-programming and confidence boost required for peak sports performance.
Our Sports Therapies are Award-winning for Achieving :
1)Improved flow through lymph and blood vessels. This is vital for tight or damaged muscle tissue  repair.
2)Removal of waste products such as lactic acid and increasing take up of oxygen and nutrients .
3)Stretches tissues not normally reached releasing any tension or pressure build up.
4)Breakdown scar tissue from previous injuries to inflexibility  prone to injury.
5)Stimulate mechanoreceptors which sense touch and pressure. This triggers an increase in tissue length and warmth which causes a reflex reaction of relaxation altering brain chemistry boosting positivity and focus.


If you are an individual taking part in sports or belong to a team be sure to call out our expert sports massage service. Our mobile therapy suite travels to your home, training ground or sports club delivering award winning expert sports massage and other treatments to keep you winning.




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