Siberian Spiral Massage


A unique wonderfully warming winter treatment to melt away muscle aches.

The cold and damp can play havoc with our back exacerbating shoulder, neck and lower back pain. Our exclusive Siberian Spiral Massage is the perfect antidote.


Since medievel times Russian herbalists led Europe in the blending of plant-based medicines and in the C18th Peter The Great established an official apothecary in St Petersburg.

In 1732 the masterwork ” Flora of Siberia” was published listing the medicinal plants found along the Volga River. This put Russia amongst the first countries in the world to publish a pharmacopeia.


For this blissful back massage, a secret blend including Russian camomile, juniper, eucalyptus and myrtle medicinal plant oils is candle-warmed and applied in a traditional therapy known as “round touch” or spiral massage.

Zen Ten Spa is the only service outside Russia performing this traditional warming Siberian massage. Our gently heated curative oils, made with the same Russian herbs, are applied in a constant, circular, deep tissue motion- guaranteed to melt away the muscle-aches of even sub-zero Siberian chills!

Return to warmth and wellbeing. Hot and Healing- book your Siberian Spiral Massage or any of our 30 other global therapies in the world’s first spa that comes to you!

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