Reiki Healing- How it Works


Reiki is a deeply relaxing, de-stressing and health enhancing therapy. Reiki has such profound effects on your body and mind that balance and judgement may be affected after a reiki treatment. Travelling to and from a salon or spa means you have to walk or drive after reiki which is not advised. Calling our mobile spa to you in Warwick, Leamington Spa, Solihull, Coventry, Birmingham and beyond means there is no travel risk after your reiki session.

Reiki is a wonderful light-touch, through-clothing therapy, which is both deeply relaxing to receive and gently prompts the body to heal itself.

Attuned Reiki practitioners are able to transmit healing energy into the body in the form of microscopic vibrations. Reiki is felt as a glow of warmth or a pleasant tingling sensation in the area being treated. Many reiki clients report seeing colours or feeling flooded with light. Every cell of the body is affected by the vibrational energy of Reiki passing through and there is a widespread release of tension and a deep sense of relaxation which reiki clients often describe as feeling like “having melted into the treatment couch”.


As Reiki is a through-clothing treatment and involves no movement or manipulation of the reiki client, it is an excellent therapy for those who feel uncomfortable with undressing for massage, or for the elderly or those with chronic conditions or disabilities which make traditional treatments difficult.


After a Reiki treatment clients report having their “best night’s sleep in ages” and notice in the days following reiki that minor aches and pains and other niggles such as digestive imbalances have completely cleared up. Regular reiki treatments are clinically proven to boost the immune system and reduce stress and there is much anecdotal evidence of a complete reversal of ongoing health issues after reiki.


Zen Ten Spa’s Reiki Master is a highly experienced practitioner holding the most advanced certification in the practice and was schooled in reiki in Japan, the home of Dr Usui sensei the healer who developed and spread the globally renowned concept of reiki therapy.

So if you’re looking to experience reiki for the first time or returning to reiki you have found your healer.

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