Your Journey As A Reiki Healer


Choosing to bring reiki into your life is a transformational decision and will herald a series of beneficial changes in health and wellbeing for you and the people you treat.

Our tailor-made teaching of the Japanese Usui system of Reiki will explain the universal energy source behind reiki, the historic Usui method of harnessing this power to treat yourself and others and tips, advice and rituals you can include in your daily routine and to prepare for treatments to get maximum benefit from having Reiki within your life.

Once you’ve recieved your Attunement (or initiation as a reiki healer) and undertaken the training you will be able to transmit healing energy into the body in the form of microscopic vibrations. If you undertake the full Reiki journey with us, you will initially learn how to perform self-healing, then progress to being able to treat others and ultimately achieve Master Status as an advanced practitioner. It’s best to undertake all your training with us, as we provide an authentic Reiki lineage and full training in all the correct techniques, whereas some diluted teaching methods are now circulating.However, if you’re looking to refresh or build on previous training we can bespoke-design training to help you advance.


You will be trained by Zen Ten Spa’s Reiki Master who is a highly experienced practitioner holding the most advanced certification in the practice. She recieved advanced schooling in Reiki in Japan, the home of Dr Usui sensei the healer who developed and spread the globally renowned concept of Reiki therapy.

So if you’re looking to train in Reiki for the first time or returning to complete your Reiki skillset you have found the right course.

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