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Reflexology Training

Winter Pedicure

Reflexology is an ancient Chinese medicine technique now enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

You can learn how to deliver this specialist foot massage that achieves a full body MOT via the feet! You will help to restore balance to your clients’ every internal organ, muscle and joint by using pressure point zones on the sole, upper foot and ankle. Your skill will offer Pain Relief, Easing Insomnia, Cleansing Liver & Kidneys, Improving Digestion & Elimination, Reducing Stress and Balancing Hormones.

Our courses are taught on a 1-1 basis by our internationally accredited Master Status reflexologist. Undertaking a bespoke-designed course means every facet of your learning and practice is tailored to your unique needs.
Academic work is delivered according to your learning style preferences at the optimum speed for your development. Your practical learning will involve working directly with your tutor – experiencing a perfect treatment and receiving feedback on your technique from an expert – instead of being paired with other trainees, thus picking up poor technique.

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