Pregnancy Massage - Vital Pre & Post Birth Support

Pregnacy therapy

Pregnancy and early post-birth months can be a time of stress. Lack of sleep, physical symptoms of discomfort and adapting to a changed physique all take their toll. Our specialist Pre and Post-Birth massages are especially tailored to meet your precise needs. Unlike most massage therapists we do not deliver these supportive therapies in standard treatment chairs or couches. Comfort is vital and every woman has unique needs so we use a range of specialist pliable supports to ensure your comfort throughout treatment. This attention to detail extends to the oils and lotions hand-blended to your exact specifications and the massage techniques garnered from maternal therapies used around the world. Travel to standard spas and salons wastes time and such appointments require babysitters, so these treatments usually lead to vast expense and stressful complications.Thats why Zen Ten Spa’s Pregnancy Therapy is brought to you. From the moment we begin packing your bespoke ingredients and specially chosen supports and linens to set out for your visit, our focus is exclusively on you. The fact that our service travels to you also means that when your expert treatment has been effective you will be able to enjoy the immediate rest you need to maintain the pain relief and realigned posture achieved, without the stress of a journey home.
Pregnancy and Post-Birth months are such an important time. Your wellbeing is vital for your growing baby. Choose Zen Ten Spa to support you both.

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