Pain in the Cold & Damp

Plunging temperatures can increase pain.

Damp and cold exacerbates old injuries. The price of tensing against the cold can be increased shoulder pain and failure to warm up fully before exercise can lead to injuries. Add to this our tendancy to hibernate by the fireside instead of maintaining our usual exercise regime and it means we’re more susceptible to stress and trauma injuries when we do workout.

This all adds up to a pretty bleak midwinter outlook, but don’t worry help is at hand. The specialist joint manipulation, muscle release and fascia lifting that forms part of every Zen Ten Spa therapy relieves pain and helps maintain optimum muscle, tendon, ligament and joint performance.

It’s not all science with this pain relief though. A treatment in the world’s first spa on wheels is a blissful never-to-be-forgotten experience. There’s no travel for you in the cold and dark because our mobile therapy suite draws up at your door. Once you’re inside this 5 star spa, we use bespoke blended fresh organic oils and a range of therapy techniques garnered from across the globe to ensure your treatment is guaranteed to be both pain relieving and pampering.

A joy to experience with the promise of a pain free winter. Book yours now.

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