Mindfulness & Meditation

Working time

A crucial tool to tackle stress, improve focus & bring a calm capability to work & home life.

Our accredited Mindfullness guide delivers 1-1 and group sessions for workplaces, community groups and private individuals. Our bespoke training takes place at your location or within the specially designed calming atmosphere of our mobile suite depending on numbers.The fact that this bespoke service travels to you means those learning do not have the extra stress of travel before and after their Mindfulness & Meditation session and do not lose valuable time or weaken the effect of the work.

Mindfulness and Meditation have been part of the spiritual practice of Eastern religions for centuries. The philosophies behind Mindfulness & Meditation spread to the West in the middle of the last century peaking in the pop-culture of the Hippy era in the 1960’s before becoming embedded in mainstream society. More recently the practice of Mindfulness has been backed by big business who see the de-stressing effect that this discipline can have on over-whelmed staff teams and corporate executives.

Both Meditation and Mindfulness require a stilling of the mind and body. In the uniquely calm space of our mobile spa, you can feel totally separated from the distractions of work and home life stresses. This is not achieved when sessions are held within the home or work environment with waiting tasks creating a distraction. A concentration on breathing and other relaxation techniques is used to self-induce a conscious trance in which a greater awareness of the constant succession of thoughts in our heads is achieved and then these are set aside to still and focus the mind. Once students have been taught how to achieve a successful Meditation practice or state of Mindfulness, it is like having control-alt-delete buttons installed to enable you to close down the unresponsive programmes of a stressful life and reboot with greater mental clarity and a calm approach.

Zen Ten Spa has a qualified Meditation Coach and Mindfulness Guide who can lead small groups or individuals to a greater understanding of the destructive power of runaway thought patterns and bring focus and awareness to help you feel calmly in control.

For employers, the benefits of Meditation & Mindfulness training are immediate with staff gaining greater skills of focus, prioritisation and efficiency becoming effective team leaders and staff members. The impact Mindfulness & Meditation has on personal relationships, work-life balance and stress is transformative.

Once you have chosen to enrich your work potential or your own life with Mindfulness & Meditation training, every second of expert support counts so why spend hours travelling to sessions when our expert support is brought to you in our mobile therapy suite in Warwick, Leamington Spa, Solihull, Coventry, Birmingham and beyond.

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