Zen Ten Spa offers the widest range of massage techniques of any spa in the UK. The systems are drawn from across the globe and range from the better known Swedish, Sports and Pregnancy massage to Hawaiian Lomi Massage and Chinese Jade Massage. With a Zen Ten Spa massage you design your own treatment by requesting a blend of the techniques you prefer.


 Why it works:


Massage, meaning “friction of kneading” in French, is the manipulation of muscle and connective tissue by a therapist using primarily their hands and fingers, but also other body parts such as elbows or feet and tools such as wooden rollers or electrical equipment. A therapist applies pressure in stroking and kneading movements to specific areas such as back, legs, arms, facial or in a full body massage. The aim is to manipulate  the soft tissues ie muscles, tendons and ligaments for pain relief, improved function and relaxation. Clients are treated either lying down on a massage table or similar, or seated in a massage chair. The treatment is directly to the skin not through clothing but the procedure is non-invasive and painless although deep pressure may occasionally cause discomfort.


                                          The Top Ten Benefits of Massage:


•Improving skin condition-massage improves elasticity, exfoliates and creates nourishment from the creams or oils used. It also disperses adipose (fat) build up

•Increasing circulation- stimulating the blood flow leads to increased efficiency of the delivery of nutrients and removal of waste products by the blood

•Stimulating the lymphatic system- improving lymph drainage helps the body to expel toxins in waste

•Easing muscle tension- breaking down the crystalline build up in muscles by kneading and releasing and soothing tired muscles

•Encouraging correct posture and skeletal realignment- where poor sitting and gait habits have led to abnormal positioning of joints, the stress and tension of muscles is released and re-alignment occurs.

•Abdominal massage can increase the efficiency of a sluggish digestive system by stimulating peristalsis

Massage benefits the mind by:

•Merely taking the time out from work or other commitments to have a treatment has a relaxing, calming effect

•Massage is a passive exercise but still releases the endorphins of sport. The client is totally relaxed while the body is “worked” with similar benefits to exercise.

•The easing of pain associated with massage alters a client’s outlook and attitude promoting positivity.

•Increased blood flow to the brain and stimulation of the nervous system reverses the “fight or flight” effects of stress.



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