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Heavenly Hot Stone Massage (Notice Req’d)

Excellent for soothing tight muscles and relieving tension build up in cold weather. Fake ceramic “stone” sets and commercial heaters are supplied to many salons and spas. We use only specially selected, personally sourced heat storing basalt volcanic rocks naturally warmed for 24 hrs prior to your visit. These are placed on strategic body points to ease pain and a personalised massage is delivered using the naturally warmed stones as tools. Recommended for:

Deep Tissue Pain Relief

Muscle Relaxation

Boosting Circulation

Relieving Chills

(Due to natural warming of stones 24hrs preparation notice required before booking)

After the warmth and relaxation of a hot stone treatment the last thing you want to do is travel home through the cold from a standard spa or salon, luckily as we travel to you , after treatment , you are already home.

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