SOS for the Scalp

Indian Head Massage is practiced in some form across the globe because there is nothing for relieving tension and stress like a thorough scalp massage.

Unlike many practitioners, Zen Ten Spa’s Indian Head Massage begins at the base of the spine, which is often the root cause of the misalignment and tension which results in stress headaches. The through-clothing massage progresses up the back and across the shoulders and neck before embarking on the scalp itself. As your Indian Head Massage will be especially tailored for you by our Master status expert, you will not find yourself flinching against a deep pressure attack if you prefer a lighter touch and will have been able to self-select the movements you prefer from techniques collected from as far and wide as Germany and China.

Many therapists use a standard metal framed Indian Head Massage chair which looks rather like a medievel torture implement and feels like it too, with your head wedged into a vice and your calves bent behind you. Zen Ten Spa uses a specially designed soft support that moulds to your favoured position. Just one more piece of evidence that our treatments are fully thought through and bespoke designed to be all about you.

With a Zen Ten Spa Indian Head Massage you are guaranteed the best headache relieving, de-stressing treatment you’ve ever had book now .

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