As winter chills make us feel more tense and the damp can trigger pains in joints and old injuries Hot Stone Massage is a natural remedy to turn to.

It’s believed the first society to uncover the benefits of Hot Stone Massage were Native American’s who took basalt stones that they had warmed in camp fires and used them as massage tools to manipulate soft tissue and knead the tension from muscles. Whilst the massage was in progress further large flat stones were placed at integral zones on the body, primarily the back, to impart their warmth and lead to further relaxation and the release of tension.

Many modern Hot Stone Massage Therapists buy off the shelf kits which contain “fake stones”. These are cheap mass-produced ceramic pebble shapes which are super-heated in mini commercial ovens designed for the speed and convenience of the spa. At Zen Ten Spa naturally occurring basalt rocks from volcanic zones around the world including the Canary Islands and Hawaii have been hand-picked from across the globe. They naturally range in size and texture to be the perfect accompaniment to a Hot Stone experience from the large master stone placed at the base of the spine and known as “the grandfather” to the tiny flat discs slipped between the toes to create a warming, circulation boosting glow for the feet. The use of these pre-historic geological finds carries with it the genuine earth energy vital for a true holistic healing. Naturally warmed with steam the stones retain their warmth and emit it evenly and safely because these rocks were created under volcanic conditions. In essence the difference between a Zen Ten Spa Hot Stone Massage and a standard spa treatment is equal to the difference between a gourmet meal of fresh natural ingredients and a test-tube or artificial flavourings and preservatives.  It’s clear which is healthier. Which would you prefer?

A Zen Ten Spa Hot Stone Massage is the perfect antidote to the cold and stress of winter, a boost for the body and a mood-lifting treat in these times of Winter Blues.

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