How Hopi Ear Candling Heals


Hopi Ear Candle treatments lift wax and toxins from the ear and are deeply relaxing, de-stressing and health enhancing. Hopi Ear Candle therapy is excellent for headaches, sinus related issues and pre-flights.

However, a treatment can affect balance and concentration. Travelling to and from a salon or spa means you have to walk or drive afterwards . Calling our mobile spa to you in Warwick, Leamington Spa, Solihull, Coventry, Birmingham and beyond means you’re already home.

Ear Candling techniques have been in use across the globe for centuries.

The latest Hopi Ear Candles were developed from similar tools used by ancient communities from Native American Indians to Vikings. The concept of Hopi Ear Candles involves creating a gentle vacuum in the ear canal with burning tubes .Zen Ten Spa has moved on from placing dead leaves into hollowed out animal horn and uses the highest quality specialist Hopi ear candles which we pre-soak in Manuka honey. Unlike most spas, we select the rare finest diameter Hopi Ear Candles. These are specialist cloth tubes which are extra-narrow so that the draw from the vacuum created when they are lit is more effective and the wax, waste and toxins lifted from the ear are extracted, filtered and deposited for maximum benefit.

A Zen Ten Spa Hopi Ear Candle treatment begins with a full lymph drainage facial massage to encourage the breakdown of blockages to the sinuses and draw waste and toxins to the major lymph node behind the ear.

After this deeply relaxing treatment, the Hopi Ear Candles are gently inserted into each ear in turn. As the Hopi Ear Candles burn the vacuum effect created is deeply relaxing and de-stressing and just as cupping a shell to the ear creates the sound of the sea, the sound of the open-fireside crackle of the burning Hopi Ear Candle induces a deeply relaxing hypnotic state whilst the elimination of toxins occurs.

Many Hopi Ear Candle clients choose to examine the completed Hopi Ear Candle contents so they can see for themselves how effective the treatment has been at removing blockages and cleansing.

Counterfeit Hopi Ear Candle tubes and unqualified and uninsured Hopi Ear Candle therapists are rife in this field so ensure you are getting a genuine safe Hopi Ear Candle treatment. And remember an effective treatment means you cannot drive afterwards so call us out in Warwick, Leamington Spa, Solihull, Coventry, Birmingham and beyond .Book the best Hopi Ear Candle experience- Book Zen Ten Spa.

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