Hassle Free


By choosing Zen Ten Spa to host your Pamper Party , you’re guaranteeing your guests the best pamper experience they’ve ever had.

Our totally unique World First 5 star spa vehicle ensures your party has the WOW factor to set it above any your guests will have attended before, and yet because nothing occurs within your home, as host, its hassle free!

Our menu of pamper treatments is totally unique meaning even spa junkies will never have experienced these exclusive therapies before.

Your lucky guests get to choose from our range of truly blissful beyond bespoke pampers. Dependent on the package you choose guests can select one or two taster treatments from:

Chrystal Healing- Steeped in Indian history, specially energised crystals placed on key chakra points re-inforce the healing effect of a blissful reiki session ( 20mins)

Peral Pedi-Therapy – Plunge fatigued feet into this exotic pearl pool. The calcium-rich gems are infused with tropical plant extracts for deep muscular and skin nourishment ( 20 mins)

Acupressure – Following the principles of acupuncture, this needle-free treatment uses deeply relaxing strokes and pressures on specific body trigger points to relax and rejuvinate. ( 20 mins)

Banka Healing – Similar to “cupping” this exclusive treatment relaxes muscles, relieves aches and pains and assists weight loss by lifting rather than pressing on the back or thighs. ( 20 mins)

Holistic Hand Therapy – Standard manicures only improve the appearance of the hands, but this beyond bespoke deep tissue hand massage with specially selected rare aromatherapy blends soothes, tones and nourishes skin and joints. ( 20 mins)

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