Foot massage - Why A Treat for the Feet is Our Favourite.

Foot massage

Foot massage is the UK’s most popular spa treatment and at Zen Ten Spa we deliver the very best of foot massages incorporating techniques from around the world.

Pearl Pedi-Therapy:
Many spas offer some form of foot massage but we guarantee you will never have experienced anything as wonderful as our “Pearl Pedi-Therapy”.Our feet are the most over-used and under-valued part of our body. We are often standing on them for most of the working day. We squeeze them into unsuitable footwear and for our leisure time expect them to serve us again in sport or dancing the night away. This is why our hardworking feet deserve a foot massage.Our soles, upper feet and ankles are incredibly sensitive responding to the touch of a foot massage by immediately relaxing and de-stressing the whole body.However because of the hard work they do our feet can often suffer hard, dry skin which needs removing to restore full feeling and improve appearance. Zen Ten Spa’s 5 course foot feast “ The Pearl Pedi-Therapy” is the ultimate foot massage beginning with a soak, incorporating a full foot massage and ending with the nourishment of deep moisturiser.

Another form of foot massage offered by Zen Ten Spa is reflexology. The experience feels similar to a standard foot massage, but in fact this treatment has hidden health benefits. Reflexology is an ancient Chinese medicine technique.The health status of our whole body, including internal organs, is reflected in our feet. Our expert reflexologist is able to carry out a full health MOT using ancient Chinese medicine techniques incorporated into a foot massage.Follow up diet and lifestyle advice is given free of charge with each treatment and the reported health benefits amongst clients have lasted a lifetime amazing medics.

Include Feet Treats in other therapies:
Apart from these wonderful treatments, all of Zen Ten Spa’s full body massages will also include a foot massage and you can ask the therapist to design the treatment to give a longer foot massage.

With so many options to choose from – Treat your Feet with Zen Ten Spa

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