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Fit Storm

Does your step app think you’re in a coma? Has your exercise regime sunk without trace?

It’s not just the garden fence that’s under threat with the recent storms. Our reluctance to battle the elements means our activity levels are plummeting. 

Weight maintenance , physical flexibility , our heart health and blood pressure all rely on exercise. Eating the same , or possibly even more by snacking indoors while box set bingeing on the  sofa, is undoing all the good work of our New Years resolutions. 

Be honest, have the recent storms had you driving to the local shops or post box when you’d normally walk? Are you arranging to meet friends indoors rather than to share the activities you’d normally do? Are you parking on the threshold of your destinations to save even the shortest dash across a car park? This incidental exercise adds up to a whole lot of calories and helps boost our cardiac health.

Cold, wet or wind won’t kill us. And, as any hardy outdoors type will tell you , there’s no such thing as bad weather , only inappropriate clothing. So wrap up and take a bracing walk. See how your local wood or river has been changed by the wind and rain. Time outdoors is excellent for mental health too.
Garden sheds may be taking a battering at the moment, but our health needn’t fall victim to the whims of the weather. 

So notice, and then take, all those opportunities for incidental exercise. Give that step app a run for its money! Don’t just stay warm -Stay well. 

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