Crystals @ Christmas Parties


By choosing Zen Ten Spa you are guaranteeing your guests the best pamper party they’ve ever experienced.

Our totally unique World First 5 star spa vehicle ensures your party has the WOW factor to set it above any your guests will have attended before, and yet because nothing occurs within your home, as host, its hassle free!

Whether you and your guests are crystal lovers, or brand new to the world of crystal healing, you’ll all have a Spa-rkling Festive Season with these bespoke 20 minute crystal treatments:

After an explanation of the special powers of the crystals we’ll be using you and your guests can choose from these unique treatments:

Crystal Acupressure  – a blissful back massage using rock crystals to relieve tension

Crystal Dowsing – find out more about how your health and lifestyle is effecting your chakra energy with crystal dowsing- our gems help bring on a new you!

Crystal Colour Meditation – Bliss out as you’re led through a deeply relaxing meditation & wake amazing

Crystal Healing – This extra special reiki session enhanced with the power of crystals gives a warm fuzzy glow that lasts

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