Crystal Healing- Clarity for Mind and Body


Crystal healing is deeply relaxing, de-stressing and health enhancing. Naturally occurring crystals emit microscopic vibrations which create an energy field. Every cell in our body does the same, that’s how crystals are able to influence our health and wellbeing.

The Indian concept of chakras, or energy centres, is the philosophy behind crystal healing / crystal therapy work. A treatment concentrates on 7 main chakras ranging from the aptly named crown chakra on top of the head to the root chakra at the base of the spine. Each chakra is associated with a vibratory level which expresses to our eyes as a colour (the root is red and the crown is violet). Crystals of these colours are particularly effective for treating these chakras and are used in the crystal healing for clearing energy blockages or tackling physical health issues in these zones of the body. In a crystal treatment, for example, Red Jasper is good for treating the root chakra and amethyst is excellent for the crown chakra.

Our crystals have all been ethically sourced, in person, from across the globe so that their healing properties and the quality of their energy is guaranteed. Many practitioners use commercial “sets” of stones for crystal work. These poor quality crystals have been bought unseen via the internet or purchased in chain stores without knowledge of their source . Please beware of this unscrupulous practice. At best such stones deliver a poor quality treatment and at worst they might infect your system with the negative energy of the child or slave labour used to mine the stones. If you’re open to the spiritual potential of crystal therapy please ensure it’s not at the expense of fellow-souls, this can be guaranteed with a crystal healing from Zen Ten Spa. In addition to the guaranteed background of our stones and the integrity of our therapist, remember our healing treatments require no travelling to and from a salon or spa so you don’t dilute the effects by walking or driving afterwards – you’re already home.

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